Bulletproof Coffee – Try it just once and you will be convinced

I have been in love with bulletproofing my coffee since I first tried it! Super simple and fills your body and mind for hours, also it tastes like the best latte ever.  My boyfriend has made fun of it for months, and maintained that the thought of butter in coffee was too gross for human consumption…..That is until I finally convinced him to try it for the first time yesterday.  The verdict? He absolutely loved it, because like I’ve been telling him it just tastes like an extra creamy latte.

It makes so much sense, I mean what is butter, its just whipped cream….high fat milk essentially so why wouldn’t it taste amazing?

I use Dave Asprey’s recipe (kind of) i vary the butter amounts a little depending on how I’m feeling that day….here’s the recipe and the link to his site…dude is pretty awesome!

Ingredients for Bulletproof Coffee

  1. At least 2tbs Kerrygold grass-fed butter (I like up to 6 tbps, or 80g or 88 ml).
  2. 1-2tbs of MCT oil (15-30g or 15-30ml)
  3. 2 cups (~453g or 500ml) of hot coffee brewed with low-toxin beans (likeBulletproof® Upgraded™ Coffee) using a stainless steel filter.

His site is http://www.bulletproofexec.com check it out


xoxox your busy little cave girl


Bullletproof Intermittent Fasting – One downside

Lately I have been having a lot more fasting days, aside from some bulletproof coffee in the morning, where I don’t eat anything until dinner time (usually around 7pm). I have found peace in not eating, and love the cost and time savings.  This has been pretty easy, I find after the coffee (especially with the MCT oil) I have not been hungry at all until after 4pm.

That is the ONE problem, 4pm is the most inconvenient time to get hungry! I have a full time  job, its not like I can just start my workout at 4pm! I like to workout in a fasted state so I usually am not eating until after 7….Any suggestions on what to do about the 4pm hunger pains?  I’m thinking I just may need to eat some butter, which would make me that crazy coworker (not that I’m not already lol)

xoxox your busy little cave girl

New Sport – Well kinda – BEACH DODGEBALL!!

Just a short post about last night. Last night was my first time playing beach dodgeball and I have to say it was really fun.  Definitely worked up a sweat running barefoot on the sand.  All and all a great night!

Lunch Time – Super Salad

Lunch Time - Super Salad

After starting off the morning right with some bulletproofed coffee, I am super excited for my first meal of the day! This is what I like to call super salad, mostly because its full of so much good stuff!!

Here’s what’s in it:
A mix of organic spinach, kale and chard
Wild caught sockeye smoke salmon
and Raspberries (I switch up the berries depending on my mood)
Then all topped of with a home made raspberry vinaigrette.

Seriously super deish!

xoxo your busy little cave girl

The Towel Workout

This weekend I was a little strapped for time, and it was raining out. While talking to the bf he suggested I try a new workout he sometimes does when he doesn’t have much time space or equipment, all you need is a towel!

I was a little skeptical at first, I mean how could you get a good workout from a towel right? Well boy was I wrong, I was sweating a few minutes in and was definitely feeling the burn.  Annnnd speaking of burning, my arms feel a little jello today.  With all that said I will definitely be doing this workout again, but definitely not until next week (my arms need some recovery).

Here’s the link (Mike Chang is awesome!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWZEWf6YLyo

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Paleo Paranoia


I have been following a paleo/primal diet for a while now and I guess it has become kind of a second nature to me, so second nature that sometimes I forget that its completely foreign to most people. My memory was triggered today.

Usually I’m the cook. I have always loved to cook, I find it relaxing and fun.  I started cooking even more once I started following a paleo diet, finding new creative ways to make the usual meat and veggies fun (making it look good is half the battle).  I would say my boyfriend definitely appreciates a nice home cooked meal, and most of the time doesn’t even realized its paleo (he is not paleo).

Today I realized it was going to be a long day and I would be home a little late, so I asked the bf to take care of dinner. Now he knows quite a bit about my diet and what I will eat and what I wont, and still this threw him into a panic so big it makes me wonder what he was eating before I showed up. Before I had finished my morning coffee I had three emails in my inbox asking if his meal options were paleo friendly before he decided to stick to one of my go to’s (steak and bacon wrapped asparagus).

Sometimes I forget what a jumbled up food world we live in, a world where eating meat and veggies is complicated…Anyone else finding the same problem?

xoxoxo your busy little cave girl

Dodgeball – The Art of Dodging Wrenches

Last night I played a double header in my dodgeball league and I thought I would write this post as a simple shout out to coed sports! I have been playing coed dodgeball and softball for a few years now and think the art of adult coed deserves a shout out. Playing coed sports is a completely different feel than any other sport.  I work in the sporting world and from what I can see this is fairly universal to almost all sports. When playing adult coed there tends to be a sense of fun and team spirit that isn’t there with single sex sports, everyone is there to support each other and just have fun!

So if anyone out there is questioning if they should try something new, or if they will be good enough to play sports in their adult life, I encourage you to sign up for some coed fun! Lets bring back PLAY to our adult lives!


xoxox your busy little cave girl

Breakfast Favorites

Breakfast Favorites

One of my favorite breakfasts ever, sometimes I will even have it for dinner. Simple, pretty and most important delicious …Bacon, Eggs and Salad!

Bacon from a local farm
Eggs from the same farm
greens with avocado and mixed berries topped with a home made vinaigrette.

Beauty Basics

When it comes to beauty tricks there are a few products I cant live without.  I am working my way towards the “if I wouldn’t put it in my mouth I wont put it on my body” philosophy but I gotta say (like with giving up shampoo) its hard! but here are a few things I have got down pat.

Like I posted yesterday some ACV(apple cider vinegar) and water, and you will be set!

I have pretty good skin to start with, but I use coconut oil pretty much as my sole moisturizer. I use it everywhere, legs ares and even my face!

Eye makeup remover:
Again – Coconut Oil! It totally works!

Skin Toner:
I use ACV mixed with water 1:4 ratio

The Occasional Breakout/Sport Treatment:
Here’s a trick that works, take some honey and put it over the pimple overnight, it works!

I also use a baking soda and water mixture for my hair in between shampoo’s as I slowly try and ween off shampoo.

Anyone else have any good natural beauty basic tips?

xoxoxo your busy little cave girl

P.S. natural hair and face masks will be coming!!!

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

On the menu for today…
Salmon crusted in almond meal and coconut flakes and a simple side salad of greens and avocado with a homemade mustard olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing.

Can you say Food Porn!